Story of RAW

The genesis of the Righteous Angels Wear brand represents a personal odyssey through the diverse landscapes of life. It is an acknowledgment that the challenges and triumphs one encounters are integral to shaping individual identity. Righteous Angels Wear seeks to emphasis the importance of embracing one's unique self.

Early in my journey, I discovered that fashion is a powerful mode of creative expression, a means through which I could authentically manifest my identity. In founding Righteous Angels Wear in 2019, my aim was to establish a connection with those who share an appreciation for fashion imbued with meaning, individuals who recognize the significance of what they wear each day.

At the core of this endeavor is a commitment to bridge distinctive clothing articles with a profound connection to the consumers of Righteous Angels Wear. Upholding the highest priority, every item within the collection has been meticulously handcrafted, sourced, designed, and produced by me. I take immense pride in the intricate process behind each garment, and it is with great enthusiasm that I present them to you.